They Were Never Going to Let Daenerys Be the President

Admit it ladies, HBO set you up.

Cersei knew it all along.

Some time around the second or third episode of Game of Thrones, I suddenly realized I was watching a high-production, X-rated, fantasy soap opera, like Downton Abbey for incels. At some point, if I kept watching, one of three things would happen: Someone would die and come back as their evil twin, someone would go “mad” and turn evil, and some girl would be brutally murdered by her boyfriend. And oh look! Those last two things actually happened.

Also, this was an HBO show, so I knew that unlike with pleasant and beautiful Downton, this soap opera would not be a parade of lovely clothes and charming romance, but instead I was going to be forced to watch horrific violence against women and rape fantasy for the sake of “art.” So I turned it off. It was a choice I have never once regretted.

I have spent the last few years occasionally surprised at how many other women will bend over backwards to defend the show just because the writers let one of the women have dragons. Somehow, women viewers of GoT were convinced, against all evidence, that in this show, this time, things were going to be different! That the male writers were going to let the woman with the dragons be the good guy and that she was actually going to win! It was sad to me how fervently other women wanted to believe this story line was even possible on a TV show that men were watching, let alone on HBO.

Last time I checked, the real Wars of the Roses ended when the Tudors, and most importantly Queen Elizabeth I, ascended to the throne, ushering in one of the longest periods of peace and prosperity in British history. So basically, real medieval history is now officially more woke than fake fantasy history circa 2019.

It turns out that even having dragons cannot prevent you from being murdered by your boyfriend. So next time you start watching a show, any show, that is not specifically meant “for women” and there is a strong, ambitious, female character, remember what they did to poor Daenerys and TURN IT OFF.

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